DRZ Strategic Consulting Group LLC

Leveraging the Power of Data and Research for Greater Opportunity and Impact

We transform data and research into actionable solutions and offer insights to support decision-making with our expert evaluation services.

Our Focus

Our focus is on providing data driven research strategies and solutions.

Storytelling Through Data

We analyze both the big picture while seeing the value in the details, providing a holistic perspective that enables us to tell the complete story with your data.

Research to Practice

We are experts in applying research to practice, translating findings into actionable short and long-term strategies and action plans. 

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Whether you have data or no data at all, we can intercede in any part of your data journey; we will provide a solution for you.

Quantify the Unquantifiable

We push the boundaries of conventional data analysis by using innovative strategies. We can develop metrics and analyze complex and abstract concepts.

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We can develop metrics and analyze complex and abstract concepts. We can create and implement proxy measures, leverage qualitative data analysis techniques, and apply advanced machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and relationships in large and intricate datasets.

Identifying Data and Research Gaps

We can identify the opportunity in your data or process where it is inaccurate, missing or insufficient for making informed decisions or developing effective solutions.

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Once the gap is identified, we can work together to address any relevant discrepancies by identifying what data is needed, determining where to find the data, collecting it, building it into your data infrastructure, and analyzing and interpreting the data.

Knowledge Sharing Through Instructional Design and Pedagogy

We design, develop, and teach effective, relevant, and engaging, course and program material tailored to your learning objectives.


Years of experience in this field.

Our Expertise

Expertise in conducting end-to-end research, data analysis, and knowledge sharing.

Data and research are two powerful tools that can help businesses achieve success. At DRZ Strategic Consulting Group LLC (DRZ SCG), we specialize in harnessing the power of these tools by analyzing large and granular data to gain insights into organizations’ operations, customers, and industry trends. We recognize the significance of the big picture and anomalies alike, this balance helps us gain a more comprehensive understanding of the data. By humanizing your data, we understand the full story, bringing your vision to reality. This knowledge can inform data-driven decisions that optimize organizations’ operations, strategies, costs, and ultimately lead to greater impact and success.


  • Causal and Experimental
  • Measurement (Metric) Design
  • Mixed Methods
  • Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Survey Design

 Data Analysis

  • Data and Research Strategy
  • Descriptive
  • Exploratory
  • Inferential
  • Predictive
  • Trend

Knowledge Sharing

  • Academic Pathways
  • Career Development
  • Curriculum Design
  • Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity
  • Policy
  • Teaching

Selected Awards and Fellowships

Professional Recognition

TELOS (Technology for Equity in Learning Opportunities)

Stanford University


Karr Fellowship

Center of Education Policy Analysis and Fellowship, Stanford University

Gates Millennium Scholar

 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, National


Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

 Honorable Mention, National


Gueron Scholars Program Doctoral Fellowship

MDRC, National


Institute for Education Sciences (IES) Fellow

Center for Education Policy Analysis, Stanford University


McNair Scholar

UC Santa Barbara


College Bound Award

Paramount Farms Company, California


Hispanic Heritage Youth Award

Hispanic Heritage Foundation, California


California Regional Migrant Education Honoree

Kern County, California