DRZ Strategic Consulting Group LLC


Data and Research

Community Partnerships and Programs

Collaborating with community partners to establish and evaluate initiatives such as organizational programs.

Data Analysis

Analyzing and interpreting data using various statistical techniques to answer specific business questions, run experiments, identify patterns or trends, assess correlations or relationships, and/or evaluate interventions, programs, or tools.

Data and Research Infrastructure

Helping small to large businesses and organizations, districts and universities build their data and research infrastructure and design data collection methods that suit their needs and goals.

Data Driven Recomendtions

Providing valuable insights and recommendations based on data-driven evidence and best practices.

Data and Research Strategy

Developing a plan or framework for conducting research, gathering, and analyzing data. Including establishing and/or aligning with business objectives, defining business or research questions, identifying appropriate data sources, determining data collection processes and methods of analyses.

Program and Project Management

Overseeing project and program evaluation, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives, timely completion, and adherence to budget constraints.

Metric and Survey Design

Designing metrics and surveys to measure success or specific aspects of a system or process. Including defining variables of interest, developing measurement tools to collect data, creating survey questions or metrics to evaluate a project, process, tool or product, or organization.

Measurement & Learning

Defining and measuring success indicators and outcomes for different types of projects and initiatives.

Knowledge Sharing

Hire me for Collaborative Learning


We offer personalized coaching for individuals and organizations to achieve their research, career, and academic goals. Our coaching covers a range of topics, including research methodology, data analysis, career guidance, college planning, and navigating transitions. Whether you are a professional or a student preparing for your future, we are here to support and uplift you throughout your journey.

Designing Curriculum

We design culturally relevant curriculum on a range of topics for diverse audiences, including students and professionals. Our services are available for your organization including districts, classrooms, and workplaces. For instance, we can help students understand research and data analysis, develop academic and career roadmaps, write college applications, navigate transitions, discuss the education landscape, and explore potential career paths. 

Developing Visual Content

We develop reports on research, data findings, and insights tailored to the specific problem and context, as well as presentations for technical and non-technical audiences. Whether you need a presentation for a district, organization, small or large group, or for students and professionals, we customize our services to meet your needs.

Public Speaking

We deliver impactful insights and content to diverse organizations and companies on various topics, including research and data analysis, educational pathways, career development, and STEM pathways.

Courses, Workshops, and Seminars


Services available for K-12, Community College/University, Graduate Students, Early Career Professionals

Sample Course Offerings
  • Data Analytics and Data Ethics: Learn How to Collect Your Own Data to Using Existing Large Datasets.
  • Introduction to R, SQL
  • Introduction to Statistics/Statistical Analysis, Regression, Research Methods (e.g., Quantitative, Qualitative Methods)
  • Metric and Survey Design
  • Research Design: Creating and Conducting your own Research
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Understanding Data and Data Visualization
  • Writing a Research Paper or Research Proposal
Instructional Background

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Masters/Doctoral Course: Beyond Regression – Data Analysis, Application, and Ethics.
  • Masters Course: Logic and Design of Research

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Stanford University

  • Masters Course: Introduction to Data Analysis and Interpretation (Instructor: Senior Lecturer Ann Porteus)
  • Undergraduate/Masters/Doctoral Course: Expanding Engineering Limits: Culture, Diversity, and Gender (Instructors: Professor Sheri D. Sheppard, Dr. Carol B. Muller, Dr. Shannon K. Gilmartin) 
College & Career Development

Services available for K-12, Community College/University, Graduate Students, Early Career Professionals

Sample Topics
  • College and Career Coaching and Mentorship for K-12, Community College/University, Graduate Students, Early Career Professionals.
  • College Application Process, Creating a College Plan/Timeline
  • College Admission Expectations, Navigating Transitions,  Finding Resources, Building Relationships
  • Tips for Achieving College Success
  • College Application Assistance